Welcome to My Musings!


Working Creatively 880

Some of you receiving this out there may be going “What the $#%@ is this?”. Yes, it’s definitely different than what you last signed up for!

This previous site was Live Your Bigger Life, where I wrote about fantastic travel recommendations and, before that, wrote about the transforming power of travel. Ironically, after some transformative travel, I’ve decided to live MY bigger life and honour the lifelong creative spirit that’s flowed/raged through my veins.

After years of injecting creativity into my business life wherever and whenever I could…

After years of making art of all kinds…

I’m Turning Pro – thanks for that concept, Steven Pressfield! My new business focus is on helping individuals and organizations access, apply and enjoy more of their own creativity, while I also take the same journey making my original art.

In this blog, I’ll be writing about creativity in business and in life. I’ll share some great writing and resources from others. And every week I’ll produce a post called “It’s A Thing Of Beauty” that lists those special things that got my own creativity fired up – music, a creative practice or ritual, some piece of art, film, a great sports moment, or whatever the universe throws in my direction.

So, all you LYBL followers, stick around if you need a little creative juice in your life.  If not, you can “unfollow” and thanks for being a part of LYBL.

And to all newcomers, welcome!





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