Creative Leader

As a leader today, your personal creativity is increasingly being called upon to help design and deliver the next shift, pivot or re-imagining of your organization.

I’m here to assist YOU shift, pivot or re-imagine your leadership to meet these new creativity demands, especially if:

  • You believe your strength is execution, and creativity is the domain of anybody but you, OR
  • You have new work that requires consistent creative input from everyone, OR
  • You see what’s coming down the road and want to expand your existing creative capacity and abilities to be ready, OR
  • You are new leader of a highly creative team of people

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Co-active Coaching is an intensely honest and action-oriented type of coaching. In our 6 confidential, one-one sessions, we will focus on you exploring and applying some creativity stretches for your real-time needs. You’ll experiment and check in, and then rinse and repeat. My job as your Coach is to fiercely hold you accountable to breaking new creative ground with your leadership.


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Participating in a leadership feedback process can offer you surprising insights into where your leadership thrives and where it hides, complies and whacks the living daylights out of the innovative spirit. One of the most powerful tools that I’ve come across is called The Leadership Circle Profile,  and coupled with a coaching debrief session, we can quickly pinpoint areas for strengthening your creative leadership both inside and out.


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Like artists, to be “in studio” is to be working at your craft – experimenting, using new tools and materials, playing, practising your skills, and every now-and-then producing a masterpiece. I can recreate the “in studio” experience in your workplace through action-packed half- or full-day sessions on exercising creativity.


Similar to great artists…21st-century leaders also require passion and courage. Such leadership relies on three very different types of courage: the courage to see reality as it actually is, and not as others would have us see it; the courage to envision previously unimagined and unimaginable possibilities; and the courage to inspire others to bring possibility back to reality.

– Dr. Nancy J. Adler, Professor International Management, McGill University


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