Creative Organization

I can help your organization access more of its innate creativity, so you can start relying on more of your own creative fuel reserves rather than always buying it elsewhere. 


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I can guide you through a process of frank discovery about your organization’s creativity climate. By examining 8 cultural elements, I’ll provide a snapshot of where creativity thrives and is encouraged, and where it doesn’t… and most importantly, what you could do about it.


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I can help you co-design and stage some initiatives you prioritize from the Reality Check, especially those related to internal communications, leadership and creativity skill-building. The design work will be done WITH your people, so more imagination will immediately start flowing around your organization.


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Like artists, to be “in studio” is to be working at your craft – experimenting, using new tools and materials, playing, practising your skills, and every now-and-then producing a masterpiece. I can recreate the “in studio” experience in your workplace through action-packed half- or full-day sessions on exercising and applying creativity.


If creativity does not infiltrate the DNA of an organization, it is unlikely to be passed on to the next generation.

– Howard Gartner, “Five Minds for the Future”


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