Creative You

With my coaching, I will help YOU develop the mindset and the creative practices that work best for you, if:

  • You are committed to delivering your best work, and want to apply more creativity to it, OR
  • You are on the verge of stepping into your creative life for the first time (or again), and want a supportive but firm nudge, OR
  • You are doing your creative thing, but aren’t progressing toward your vision, and want some provocation, OR
  • You are curious and open to exploring what creative juices you have, and want some guidance for the adventure

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Co-active Coaching is very action-oriented with 6 one-one conversations and accompanying exercises that demand you play, you experiment, you express, and you share. My job as your Coach is to be relentless in helping you trust and rely on your creative wisdom and move forward with focused action.


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In 6 one-on-one sessions, I’ll help you craft the elements of your own Creative Practice –  a consistent regimen of activities and rituals aimed at feeding and focusing your creativity. You’ll try out some activities, set up the environments you need, and see what lights your fire and blows up your skirt big-time!


…there is no doubt that you can create novel and original ideas because nobody else has your unique database. 

– Shelley Carson, PHD, “Your Creative Brain”


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