My Story


AboutSidebarI’m always ready for a story – how about you?

For as long I can remember, exercising my creativity has been a large and treasured part of my life.

My childhood was filled with every kind of art play I could create. Any friends that my parents invited over were entertained with my latest stage show – singing, dancing, skits, or re-enactments of TV shows and movies. I was always making something, drawing something, writing something, composing something.

I took art, music and drama classes all through school and into university, where I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts. My intention was to work in the entertainment and arts field, but out of financial necessity, I eventually landed in the business world. And there for 25 years, I climbed the ladder, made the bucks, and had the good fortune (and good sense) to work for some companies that encouraged and appreciated my creative tendencies. There was nothing more fulfilling than to create a unique and successful piece of work on my own or within a team, and proclaim “It’s a thing of beauty!”

But I have also experienced being shut down creatively for long periods of time, by the type of work I was doing and under conditions where I could not flourish – and ironically in situations, where the need for creativity was never greater.

In 2010, I decided to fully honour my creative self and struck out on my own as a consultant, coach and most recently, as an artist.

I have made it my ambition to always be creating things of beauty in my life and work, and to help others do the same by working creatively.



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