I’ve been writing about travel in some form or another since 2009.

I’ve enjoyed sharing stories, recommendations and photographs about this travel, but my recent focus on my travel-inspired art has kept a lot of this sharing limited to conversations with visitors at art shows. You’d tell me about your adventures and I’d recount mine. Then we’d exchange recommendations and suggestions on pieces of paper. And inevitably someone would say “You should have a blog with all this information”!

I’ve wanted to get back to doing more writing about my travel, but there’s been this pandemic thing that has kept most of us off the road. The time just didn’t seem right. But now I have flights planned and have been looking at all the scraps of info I’ve been collecting, SO I’m excited to start writing and sharing again.

Exploring (732x1024)

I’m not sure where this blog will take all of us, but I hope you’ll jump into the conversation and share what you’ve discovered, too!